Julia Freiseisen

Since I was a child I was inspired by my surroundings and wanted to transform that inspiration into a visual form or a tactile qualia. 

A lot of my Art & Design decisions are intentionally, however I have attended various courses & workshops on my creative journey around the world.

In 2019 I decided to study Interior Design which influenced my style as I apply design principles in my daily work. It has sharpened my eyes for colours, shapes & textures and I am constantly experimenting with materials & techniques.

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Abstract & Fine Art, Interior Design, Sculptures, Graphic Design, Tattoo Art, Creative Direction, Installations



Born in Innsbruck, a beautiful city in Austria, surrounded by the mountains and the European history, I lived in abundance of nature and nostalgia. Yet, the desire to travel took me to breathtaking places and I could discover ancient cultures. With an open mind and hunger for adventure I have met a lot of people who taught me so much about their talents and life experiences. I developed a 'everything is possible, if you know what you want and thrive to achieve it' mindset. I love to learn new things, sometimes too many at the same time, but it took me to where I am now. Currently I am living in Australia pursuing my passion: Art, Design & Interiors.


If you have an idea or question in your mind, please feel free to contact me.