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Julia Freiseisen

Since I was a child I was inspired by my surroundings and wanted to transform that inspiration into a visual form. 

A lot of my Art & Design decisions are intentionally, however I have attended various courses & workshops on my creative journey around the world.

In 2019 I decided to study Interior Design which influenced my style as I apply design principles in my daily work. It has sharpened my eyes for colours, shapes & textures and I am constantly experimenting with materials & techniques.

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Abstract & Fine Art, Interior Design, Sculptures, Antiques & Vintage Furniture, Creative Direction, Installations



Born in Innsbruck, a beautiful city in Austria, surrounded by the mountains and the European history, I lived in abundance of nature and nostalgia. Yet, the desire to travel took me to breathtaking places and I could discover ancient cultures. With an open mind and hunger for adventure I have met a lot of people who taught me so much about their talents and life experiences. Currently I am living in Australia pursuing my passion: Art, Design & Interiors.

Being an artist allows me to see every day as an opportunities to learn, grow and most importantly, to connect with like minded people.


If you have an idea or question in your mind, please feel free to contact me. 

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